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Модното училище на Русе!Модерният свят в твоите ръце! "Nedka Ivan Lazarova"
Vocational School of
Clothes Design and Tailoring
Rousse, Bulgaria
Rousse - Free spirit city

Училищен вестник "Съвременници"

         Vocational school of clothes design and tailoring named after Nedka Ivan Lazarova was established in the times of the Bulgarian Revival of Culture in 19-th century with the donations of well-off progressive Bulgarian citizens. In spite of dramatic historical events and changes the school is still an inexhaustable source of patriotic inspiration which helps the realization of students’ dreams. This inspiration builds bridges between the generations of the past, present and future.

          The school has contributed to the professional education of Bulgaria for more than 117 years. Professional skills and knowledge, which our students acquire, guarantee them a successful start in their future life. Private firms for ready-made clothes in the town are founded and managed mainly by former students of the school.

      The following specialities are taught at the school: Clothing Design, Clothing Technology, Operator of the sewing process, Hair-dressing and Cosmetics. There are special school subjects closely related to these.

        The new times require specialists speaking a few foreign languages. That’s why there are classes which study intensively German (since 1991) and English (since 1998). Their training continues for 5 years and is closely related to their future profession. During this period the students are taught to use specialized texts about fashion and the apparel industry, make contacts and communicate with specialists. Russian and French are also taught as a second foreign language in the school.

          Since 1996 we have had students within the PHARE-programme in specialities of design and cutting out with English as a foreign language. Their training is realized in modules. The age of the students is between 14 to18 years old. We have a class of young workers and recent graduates, too, who are doing a two-year training course in the specialities of Operator of the sewing process and Clothing design.

          Our students practise in the classrooms and workshops of the school as well as in the workroom equiped with a CAD-CAM system within the PHARE-programme. The students are also motivated by practising in the workshops of some of the leading firms for ready-made clothes where they design and produce their models and present them in collections. Our students often take part in competitions for fashionable clothes in Bulgaria and abroad. School training is realized in collaboration with leading firms for ready-made clothes of the town.

      We have already taken part in the project entitled Family Culture Spanning Generations. Participants were invited to explore their family history, traditions and customs, crossgenerational relationship. In this connection we promote a discussion club “Hand in Hand” where much creative and constructive work has been realised by 14-16-year-old students. The project work was run within two stages. In the first stage the students took part in exhibitions devoted to Culture Peace Project with their essays, stories, poems, pictures. Some of the best works found place in a book collection called "We are what we were". The second stage focused on their participation in the discussion on Conflicts and Communication at The Round Table in June, 2000. Now the students continue their work on the project trying to find new partners from the other schools associated with UNESCO, make new contacts and widen the area of their activities. They have many interesting ideas and hope to realise them with the co-operation of UNESCO and ASP.

          Our school is due to be approved and involved in the project within Leonardo da Vinci-programme as a project initiator working together with University of Rousse. The project envisages periods of professional and linguistic training in two countries of the EU, Italy and the UK, for two groups of students / school-leavers of the school. The specific needs of the students for training are as follows:

          - getting acquainted with and adopting the European quality standards in the clothing industry
        - getting acquainted with the European methods for the organisation of the production processes in the respective industry
             - getting acquainted and adopting the newest production technologies and lines in the sector.

          The ambition of the teachers is to provide education standards of the new times and European structures. Our main goal has been to give our region the necessary human resources for the irreversible restruction of the textile and clothing sector the region is going through.

            Our school works with many social institutions, organizations and leading firms:

          - Open Society Club of Rousse;
          - Vocational School of Clothing – Varna;
          - leading firms for ready-made clothes which support us by donations
(Arda, Saglasie, Mod Mary, Bordo, Mishela, Leopard, Heros, Consult + , etc.)
          - firms, producing equipment for the apparel industry (Wastema, Gugli)
          - Euro-training (Italy)
          - European School (England)
          - Publishing House of Roundschou from Germany, which is a specialized journal
for fashion.

          Nowadays Rousse is a real centre of the clothing industry in the country.
          Making beautiful, fashionable and comfortable clothes is a tradition in the region.

         The profession which our students acquire is the best start in their future life. That’s why they are motivated to work hard and to become good specialists. Over 600 students are taught in the specialties of Clothing Technology, Clothing Design, Operator of the sewing process, Hair-dressing and Cosmetics. 60 % of our students continue their education in higher schools, institutes or universities. Some of them come back to us as teachers and bring in innovations of the clothing industry.

       There are 30 high-qualified teachers in the school, who teach general school subjects as well as subjects of specialty and practice.

      Our school has gained acknoledgement for innovatiory ideas and is now recognized as one of the best vocational schools in the country.

Fashion Design of 2013

Fashion Design of 2013

Fashion Design of 2013

Fashion Design of 2013

Fashion Design

Fashion Design of 2013

Fashion Design of 2013
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